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Stem Graphic
Stem Graphic


STEM is the acronym for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS. There are five (5) major reasons to study STEM subjects.

From pay to the greater good of all, there are plenty of benefits to choosing to study a STEM subject. This doesn’t mean necessarily studying for a university degree either – there are several pathways into a very rewarding STEM related career, including the apprenticeship route, including degree apprenticeships and apprentice employers who pay for their apprentices to progress to a university degree.

1.  The average salary of STEM graduates

One of the reasons to study STEM has to be the earning potential. Graduates of STEM subjects can expect higher starting salaries than graduate of other subjects.  They can also expect to be earning more than non-STEM graduates a few years into their employment.   On average STEM graduates are expected to earn £250,000 more over a lifetime than non-graduates.

2.  Job prospects for STEM graduates

It’s important to keep in mind that whatever your education looks like, it is connected to your future life in work so make it count and make sure that you understand the value of what you are studying and learning to your future.

Having a STEM qualification makes you very employable. Demand for people working in STEM fields is high and set to increase even more over the next five years. This is very important for female students to understand as the UK demand actually cannot be met if more girls do not choose STEM careers.

3.  The huge variety of careers in STEM

One of the other, very good reasons to study STEM is the huge variety of employment that will lie ahead of you. STEM learning has a place in almost every industry that you can think of, from the entertainment industry (for example games design) and the sports industry to jobs in the space industry or even in space itself.

4.  Employment in STEM Industries

You will meet many people along the way who will tell you that what they do now has nothing to do with what they studied.  Studying STEM subjects are far more likely to lead to employment in a directly related field however. For example 18.4% of chemistry graduates were employed as science professionals six months after graduating and a further 19% were employed as associate professionals and technicians, those who graduated in electrical engineering in 2014, 38.8% were employed as engineering professionals and a massive 58.8% of computer science graduate were employed as IT professionals.

5.  Making the world a better place through STEM

For many young people, the idea that they are going to make a difference to the world is really important.  Lots of you don’t want to just ‘get by’ and earn a decent wage – you actually want to contribute to making the world and people’s live better and this is another good reason to study STEM.


Check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook online!  Look at the A-Z career/occupation index and explore careers linked to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  The options and pathways are wide open!


IMPORTANT: Algebra II, Chemistry and Physics              are required!


  • 4 or more credits from a CTE STEM approved program of study, with:
     - At least 2 courses from  the STEM career cluster, final course must be from STEM career cluster
    -  At least 1 advanced CTE course (3rd or 4th course in approved program of study)


  • A total of 5 credits in math:
    - Must include Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, and 2 additional math courses for which Algebra II is a prerequisite


  • A total of 5 credits in science,
    - Must include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and 2 additional science courses






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